Our Multicats are very suitable for the replacement and the handling of anchors. Because of the comprehensive package of auxiliary equipment on deck, like large cranes, heavy winches and hydraulic pins this can be done in a safe manner.
With a bollard pull of 35 and 38 ton, our Multicats are also very suitable for towage. They have a large bunker capacity of +200m3 and are both equiped with a towing winch of 40 ton pull and 100 ton holding power. The winch holds a wire of 600 meter long.
The Multicat Odin and Nero are very suitable of handling floating hoses. To hoist the floating hose on deck with two cranes, the work can be done very fast and safe.
The Mutlicat Odin has a A-frame. This makes her suitable for ploughing operations.
The Multicats Odin & Nero are suitable for various projects in the renewable energy, like windmill farms.